Hello Leapling!
Born on February 29: your birthday is only once in 4 years. And that makes you special!

On this site you find all the best fun gadgets related to Leap Day.

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About Leap Day

Why Leap Years?
Who invented this?
Read all about Leap Day: how, why and of course: all the fun facts.

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Why HappyLeapDay.com?

Every four years there is a short spike of attention to our birthday. All the other 1.460 days Leap Day is hardly mentioned and in some cases our birthdays are even forgotten. Just because February 29 is not on the calender.

With this site, stacked with information about Leap Day, and a shop with fun T-shirts,  suits for your Leap baby and other items with Leap Day-quotes and other stuff, we hope to give Leap Day a bit more attention.